AJP Air Conditioning can advise and help in all aspects of commercial air conditioning this includes offices,server rooms and food preparation areas to name a few.

AJP Air Conditioning can advise and help in all aspects of commercial air conditioning.

Below are a some practical examples of our air conditioning solutions:


  • Planning and design
  • Installation
  • Comprehensive after sales service
  • Removal and professional decommissioning
  • Service and maintenance programmes
  • Risk assessments and work method statements

The Office

small office air conditioning The office is often a place that become uncomfortably hot. Contributory factors include overhead lighting, computers, sunlight through windows and the occupants of the office themselves!

The Solution
Where an office has a suspended ceiling or ceiling void, ceiling cassette systems can unobtrusively provide effective temperature control.

AJP Air Conditioning can recommend many air conditioning systems, such as a single multi-split or Daikin VRV outdoor units, along with our expert installation, subject to survey.

The Server Room

CeilingMountedUnitThe server room, or computer room, is an essential part of a modern business. IT equipment creates heat and, as a result, tremendous temperature increases can result, especially in secure, enclosed spaces such as a server room. Excessive heat in a server room environment will cause servers to overheat and fail. Potentially a disaster to any enterprising commercial business.

The Solution
After assessing the capacity of heat dissipation from the server room required, AJP Air Conditioning's planning will result in a recommendation of suitable and capable floor or wall mounted air conditioning system to control the temperature.

The Food Preparation Area

air_conditioning_kitchenFood preparation areas will usually have numerous fridges and cooler units. Although it may not be obvious, these generate heat externally which is radiated into the surrounding environment raising the temperature. This means they have to work harder to keep their contents cool, which mean they generate more external heat; continuing to raise the temperature of their environment - so they have to work harder... Without suitable planning, the food preparation working environment temperature becomes uncomfortable and the owner pays more and more to heat it!

The Solution
If no ceiling void is available AJP Air Conditioning would recommend the installation of a suitable high level wall mounted air conditioning system - again, subject to survey and planning based upon our expertise.

Whatever the solution, AJP Air Conditioning have access to superb air conditioning equipment, as manufactured by the biggest names, such as the likes of Hitachi, Toshiba, Samsung, Sanyo, LG, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and Daikin.


AJP are the complete package, from the initial quotation through to after sales service, fantastic! I would not hesitate to recommend AJP to anyone.
- Paul Perkins, Watford

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