"When the temperature of my offices became impossible to control despite an existing air conditioning system, AJP came and rescued me. Everyone is now happy and no one is too hot or cold. Result!"
- Brian Peters, Stevenage

"No longer does the family cook in the conservatory when the sun comes out. Nor do we freeze in the winter. A room we can all enjoy the whole year."
- Jago Phillips, Hemel Hempstead

"My staff and customers no longer overheat. Takings no longer suffer on hot or cold days!"
- Mandy Davet, Watford

"We live in a town house and the bedrooms get too hot for comfort in the summer. We have tried fans for years, but they have proved too noisy and ineffective. AJP has installed a fantastic system for us. On very warm nights we can maintain a nice temperature, but on an average summer night we can use the unit to deliver a nice silent breeze. AJP are expert fitters and we are very pleased with their service."
- Mark Brady, Hemel Hempstead


AJP are the complete package, from the initial quotation through to after sales service, fantastic! I would not hesitate to recommend AJP to anyone.
- Paul Perkins, Watford

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